YourMistress Tops Model Chart with Proud Title of Miss of the Week

It’s the very start of the week, which means that it’s time to shake off your weekend. Say good-bye to your weekend blues by spicing up your life! BongaCams is the ideal place to look for that something extra special if you know what we mean. Even more so, today we announce the next winner of our weekly competitionYourMistress.

YourMistress is a true queen of nasty pleasures and offers anything you could ever wish for in her chat room. No wonder we congratulate this model today on becoming No. 1!

Games for two is the favourite pastime of our little naughty girl. Working hard for it, YourMistress will remain the one and only in the hearts of her fans every week.

Girls, another one of you made it to the top! What are you waiting for? Now it’s your turn! Enjoy what you’re doing, and you will succeed!


Killer Miss of the Week – KillerTits Becomes BongaCams No. 1!

We promise you a Killer Monday because our new Miss of the Week is drop-dead gorgeous. Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to introduce the new winner of our weekly sextravaganza – KillerTits!

It is amazing how delicate and curvy at the same time a girl can be. If you never thought it possible, KillerTits will prove you wrong. She is quite possibly the kindest and prettiest girl you’ve ever met! BongaCams Team is happy to have a real angel looking after our users.

Dear models, KillerTits is living proof that hard work and sincere kindness always pay off in the end. The trick is to stop overthinking and just do what you love best, which we know is camming. Have fun and see you soon!



Miss of the Week Once Again Surprises You with MeriLovely


BongaCams’ Miss of the Week has something special in stock for you every Monday. We bet there will be plenty of surprises for you this fall, and the first ace up the sleeve is MeriLovely, the winner of our last week’s contest.


MeriLovely’s name says a lot to her admirers, bringing back the most pleasant of memories. She is known to be a sensual, playful, and very hot girl that makes the hearts of BongaCams users beat faster. Long days at work are never fun without the irreplaceable MeriLovely around. But once the evening falls…


MeriLovely deserves the title for her hard work and long hours that she spends online giving joy to her favourite customers. We encourage all models to start acting now as everyone can become next week’s winner! Dare to lead the way and take the desirable first place!




New Season, New Miss of the Week – pippalee!

The whirlwind summer bid farewell and moved on, but everything is new this fall, including our next winner of Miss of the Week! pippalee took the top place by storm, not leaving the brightest of our stars the slightest chance. Who’s that girl?


pippalee is admired by BongaCams users both for her special beauty and exquisite character. Being able to remain sweet and sexy at the same time is a treasure sought after by many men.


pippalee will have you at ‘hello’, and you will never want to part with her again, counting long hours until the evening when you see her online. Quality music, erotica, and whispering sweet nothings is what awaits you in her cosy chat room.


We wish you all the best, pippalee, and would like to encourage all our new and old models to give it a go and make it to the top of the tops next week! Remember that anyone can do it, and you are no exception! Have fun!





Welcome, Old New Miss Of The Week, TouchMyGi!

Monday mornings always come around too soon, but don’t be sad as we never fail to bring you the good news by announcing the winner of your favourite Miss of the Week. Last week’s best model has climbed the top many times, but still mysteriously manages to grab the 1st place ‘like a boss’!


TouchMyGi transforms the reality of BongaCams members with her out-of-this-world body that screams how fit it is and her unearthly manners. Many dream of marrying her or having the real her in their lives one way or another, but she will forever remain the unsolved sexy cam mystery!


We love TouchMyGi for her sizeable contribution to the community and call all models to get inspired by her example. You are brilliant in your own way and just a few magical shows away from the desirable first place!




A Brand New Cam Girl In The Spotlight Of Miss Of The Week – MeriLovely

Who cares about the Monday Blues when BongaCams’ weekly contest is kickstarting the work week with a brand new hot Miss of the Week – this time, MeriLovely is in the spotlight!


Always ripe and juicy, just like a forbidden fruit of the jungle, MeriLovely will show you how much she likes to pleasure your senses. Remember that only you have the power to make her go rough with her toys! Wait no more to watch her live!


Sincere congratulations to our new top model! Girls, a whole new week lies ahead to make our audience wild with desire and choose YOU as our one and only Miss of the Week! We know you can do it!




Miss Of The Week – Stunning TouchMyGi Makes It To The Top Again!

It’s Monday, guys! This means that it’s time to sum up the results of the «Miss of the Week» contest!


We are glad to announce the name of our winner! And for the second week in a row the crown goes to BongaCams charming star – our beloved TouchMyGi!
This model's brilliant live shows gave the brightest ever impressions to BongaCams members last week!


You’re invited to congratulate TouchMyGi personally and enjoy her new exclusive shows! But don’t forget to support all the other models in the contest this week!


miss of the week


Miss Of The Week – TouchMyGi Is Top Of The Tops

Is it Monday again? It sure is, and we are back with our famous weekly contest. Drums! This week, the winner is the girl a lot of you know… TouchMyGi!


No words are good enough to describe the graceful beauty of this heavenly model with captivating big eyes. She has given you so much joy, but more is yet to come! TouchMyGi has the great power to make you feel good just being in her presence. Go ahead and check out her naughty-but-nice chat room!


Hey, all the models out there! We encourage you to try harder because next time, it will be one of YOU to conquer the top.


Kudos to TouchMyGi! Till next time!




YourBirdie Has Made It to the Top – Brand New Miss of the Week

It’s THE time of the week, which means that we just can’t wait to announce our next top cam girl. Last week, it was YourBirdie who left no chances for other models. Sorry, girls! Next week will definitely be your time to shine.


The bold and beautiful YourBirdie welcomes you with sexy blue eyes and a radiant smile. Those big bright eyes will captivate you, and the rest of the package will no doubt mesmerise you. The girl will blow your mind with her appetising curves and her gentle voice. Add some kinky expertise to the package, and you will understand why YourBirdie had her first big success in no time!


We at wish YourBirdie the best of luck and think that the 1st place in our contest is a job very well done!




SexyLyoness Gloriously Returns With The Title Of Miss Of The Week

Believe it or not, but SexyLyoness once again proves she is last week’s best by winning the title of BongaCams’ contest Miss of the Week!


The webcam Queen has a special aura that makes her stand out. A bittersweet blonde who just likes to break the rules and dares you to join her for epic adventures in the world of camming.


No matter how you feel or what day you’ve had, SexyLyoness is always there to cheer you up – there is never time for bad mood or boring routine in her chat room. This dervish girl and her once-in-a-lifetime video shows are like bubble wrap – once you pop, you can’t stop!


We challenge other models to be daring, explore their individuality, and experiment to the fullest to finally make it to the top!


The crown is rightfully yours, SexyLyoness! BongaCams Team sincerely believes that there will be many more reasons to triumph.